City of Peoria Litter Campaign

In 2006 the Mayor’s Litter Committee kicked-off a campaign to reduce litter strewn about our streets, sidewalks and alleys. Through the years committee members have contributed personal time and sweat equity to advance the goal of a cleaner Peoria. The committee has evolved into  a steering committee which supports and encourages cleanup efforts in the following ways:

  • loaning litter grabbers, safety vests, trash bags and buckets to residents for neighborhood cleanups;
  • loaning the "Pride Pals" mascots to residents hosting cleanups and environmental themed events: (See Pride Pals photo below.)
  • collaborating with Peoria Disposal Company in the dispensation of trash and landscape dumpsters for cleanups sponsored by registered neighborhood associations
  • providing information about Peoria's litter campaign, litter hot spots, and the history of successful cleanup efforts during the campaign.   

For more information about the Litter Committee and the Litter Campaign, contact Steve Fairbanks, Neighborhood Development Specialist, at 494-8250 or fill out our online form.


   Pride Pals Mascots

For information, contact Steve Fairbanks, Neighborhood Development Specialist at: